The Baker City Farmers Market Vendors are a diverse and passionate group that comes together each week to showcase their wares. Join us each week to meet & shop our farmers, growers, harvesters, ranchers, crafters, artisans, and makers.

Jen's Garden

Keating, OR

Jen's Garden began as a homeschooling project for her children. The Baker City Farmers Market was just getting started - yep, Jen's been with the BCFM since the very beginning - and she thought it would be a fun family project to do with the kids. Fast forward several year, and a move to a new property in Keating and Jen's Garden was growing as fast as the kids.

Jen's Garden is a non-certified organic farm following organic practices. They specialize in microgreens and grow a vast array of the tiny, fresh greens bursting with flavor and nutrients. Jen also grows lettuce and produce, and brings eggs to the market.

Jen delivers in Baker City, Haines, North Powder, Union, La Grande, and Pendleton each Tuesday. Contact her to get your fresh microgreens and produce delivered!

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Aichele Farms

Stanfield, OR

Aichele Farms has been with the Baker City Farmers Market since 2010 and will be spending a 9th year with us in 2018! Aichele Farms grew their first berries 10 years ago after Victor tired of grocery store berries and planted 1/4 acre of raspberries. Prior to that the farm had been exclusively potatoes. Coupling a desire for the highest quality berries, with the Hermiston climate yields berry crops that are unrivaled in size and most importantly - taste.

The berries Aichele Farms grows are varieties specifically chosen for fresh markets. There are currently 17 acres of strawberries, 5 acres of raspberries (red and golden), 5 acres of blackberries, and 5 acres of blueberries.

The entire Aichele family (Victor, Terryl, Jeff & his 2 sons) participates in Aichele Farms.

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The Little Bagel Shop

Baker City, OR

The Little Bagel Shop has been part of Baker City Farmers Market three years this coming season. Stephanie Benson, and her daughters Lauren and Abbey bring fresh baked pies, breads, quiche, an assortment of yummy treats, and of course - bagels - to the Market each week.

Little Bagel Shop makes 12, yes 12! varieties of bagels fresh daily. The Little Bagel Shop came into Stephanie's life by serendipity. She had always wanted to own a business or restaurant, and growing up her mother was a gourmand, so baking and cooking were arts learned early on. So, when the previous owners were going to close the business, Steph saw an opportunity and went for it.

Fresh and freshly made are important to The Little Bagel Shop. During the summer months, produce is sourced from local growers. Absolutely EVERYTHING in the shop is made from scratch.

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